Living A Normal Life With Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease that can affect people at any time in a person’s life. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition, but with proper management one can still live a normal life despite having the disease. It is important then for one to know asthma signs and symptoms in order to come up with the best asthma management plan.

Asthma is a life threatening disease so we need to learn and be familiar with what the symptoms are so that we can deal with the disease accordingly once diagnosed. Symptoms may vary from one person to another but we have come up with the most common ones below:


-Wheezing. There is a whistling sound when you breathe. This may occur when you exercise or when you have a cold.

-Recurrent cough. Often occurs at night and there may be mucus

-Difficulty in breathing. One may have shortness of breath which involves a feeling of not getting enough air into your lungs

-Chest pains. There is a feeling of tightness in your chest which is more common during cold weather or during exercise.


When you observe these asthma signs and symptoms, it is best that you consult with your doctor so that the disease can be properly diagnosed and managed. There are so many ways to manage the disease which would make life easier for the patient.


What Happens To Our Body During An Asthma Attack

Asthma affects the air passageways in our lungs. Those with asthma have air linings that are very sensitive and are usually inflamed. Being in this hypersensitive state makes these air passageways react to asthma triggers.


When you are exposed to a trigger an asthma flare up occurs, this makes the airways more inflamed which makes it narrower than normal. This small space makes it hard for air to pass in and out of the lungs. The muscles surrounding these airways also tighten which makes breathing even harder. This is what happens during an asthma attack. This can be a very tiring experience, but you need to avoid triggers and monitor symptoms because the chances of another attack is high at this point.


Poor Management Of The Disease

When asthma is not managed the right way it can lead to what we call airway remodeling. This is a serious condition that occurs when asthma is left untreated or poorly managed. The lungs develop scars and asthma medications do not work as well as before. This condition can be avoided with early diagnosis and proper management of the disease. Always be in contact with your doctor and follow the treatment plan that is laid out for you. These plans are customized because triggers are different for many people. One treatment plan may work for some, but may not be the best for others.


Asthma is a condition that one cannot afford to handle poorly. We have to remember that this disease can be life threatening.


When To Seek Emergency Treatment

Critical asthma attacks should be a sign that you should seek emergency treatment as soon as possible. When you feel like there your asthma attack is rapidly getting worse or when a quick relief inhaler does not result in giving instant relief, then it’s time to call 911 or head straight to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.


Complications Of Asthma

We now take a look at the complications that may arise due to asthma:


-Symptoms and signs that causes lack of sleep and get in the way of work and leisure activities

-Sick days from school or work during asthma flare ups

-Hospital confinements and emergency room visits for severe asthma attacks

-Irreversible narrowing of bronchial tubes that makes breathing difficult

-Side effects from long term use of medications used to control severe asthma attacks

Living a normal life with asthma is possible. Being on top of your situation at all times is key. Getting a vaccine for flu and colds may help so that this trigger will not occur frequently. One should always monitor breathing and know if an impending attack is coming. Treat attacks early in order to avoid severe attacks. In emergency situations always keep your phone with you so that help can be contacted with just a tap on your device.

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