The Importance Of Content Marketing In SEO

Many people know that SEO is essential in building their brand. SEO expert Neil Patel shares his views on content marketing and SEO.

Patel believes that SEO is all about content marketing. The problem is many people believe that content marketing gets rid of the need for SEO. There are articles that discuss the content marketing approach overtaking and even killing SEO.

Content marketing and SEO go together, they complement one another. You can’t separate them because the only way to be successful in content marketing is to have SEO.

Good thing there are still marketers who believe that SEO and content marketing do go together.

There are differences between SEO and content marketing in several areas, but this does not mean that you can separate the two entirely.

On the one hand, SEO is narrower and requires more technical knowledge while content marketing is wider and can be done with a more holistic approach.

The best way to guarantee the success of content marketing is to implement SEO tactics in doing it. Content marketing is a way to fulfill the demands of SEO.

There is no way you can do SEO without content, you will always need articles, words, keywords, etc. As many experts say, content is indeed king.

One feature of SEO is using keywords and it is a fundamental part of it. You would need to do your research and track your ranking of keywords to come up with the best ones to use.

The only way to apply the use of keywords is through content marketing. Coming up with high-quality content and using the keywords that you are targeting will get the results that you desire.

You should be careful with stuffing your content with keywords and over optimizing, we don’t want to be penalized by the Panda update and get lower rankings. When SEO and content marketing are done the right way, they will help you avoid this problem.

One of SEO’s dreams is to get high-quality linkbacks. It would be great to have a .edu or .gov linking to your blog article organically.

The only way for this pipe dream to be fulfilled is by writing amazing high-quality content through content marketing.

You can choose to build links by hiring link building agencies, but there are only a few who have a good reputation to back them up.

The best way to build links is by publishing stellar content and let the public link back to it naturally. This will help in attaining continuous SEO success.

SEO is not just about articles, links and keywords. SEO includes optimization of robots.txt, enhancement of metadata, using proper tags and coming up with a strategic sitemap. All technical stuff that works hand in hand and is related to content marketing.

The technical optimization part is crucial in getting your content to the user. Having errors in your website with just one aspect of technical SEO can lower your rankings and make it harder for users to access your content.

When all technical aspects are optimized on your website, search engines will easily find and gain access to your content. Your site will be indexed properly and appear in accurate search results.

SEO also demands consistent output. Google loves fresh content which often results in getting indexed quickly and registers higher in SERP’s.

Great SEO requires a consistent output of content which means that you need content marketing on a consistent basis. This shows that SEO and content marketing work hand in hand again.

We have attempted to show that SEO is all about content marketing and vice versa. These two work together and with the right combination can give dynamite results

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